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Sunset-Inspired Website Design for Just Be

The Client

Annette Meyer, the owner of Just Be is passionate about baking and making delicious food. With her background in hospitality she started her own catering business. She felt the need for a website hence she approached me. She was my first client. She wanted her website to match her branding, colorful, sunset-inspired that showcases here food creations.

The Goal:

To create a simple yet beautiful website that is cohesive to her brand colors. Present food photos to look appealing on her website. Integrate Instagram account to the website. Provide an easy way to contact her for events like birthdays, private functions, and special occasions.

The Result:

A beautiful sunset-inspired website design highlighting her food products. Appealing food photo presentation on the home and gallery page for mouth-watering user experience. Integrated Instagram account to showcase latest food kitchen updates. Pop-up form for easy contact. A menu page info to give visitors on what to order.

Website Planning