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Stylish Branding &

Custom Web Design​

For Personal Brands For Female Entrepreneurs For Bold Women in Business For Ambitious Girl Bosses For Stylish Boss Babes For Classy Lady Bosses For Mompreneurs For Service Providers

Stand out online with memorable branding and web design

that is creative, authentic, and totally you!

Your website is the face of your business online.

When done right, it will help you attract more leads and clients.

But, sadly, many business owners struggle to create an effective website. They feel like they should come across in a certain way or do what everyone else is doing. The result is often a boring website that looks and sounds like every other business out there. It doesn’t stand out. It doesn’t connect. And it doesn’t convert.

So how do you create a memorable online presence that actually works? Simple – you are your own brand, so BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. When you are the face of your business, your branding and website need to be like YOU and sound like you. You are unique, so don’t try to be like everyone else.

Instead, be the brand with a personality that shines because that’s how people will love and remember you.

When you come across as unique and authentic,

So let’s give your brand/business a personality through strategic, stylish, and creative branding and web design that reflects you and attracts your ideal clients.

Style is personality, not uniformity.

Let’s give your brand your own unique style and personality.

Jephany Barut - Brand and Website Designer

hi lovely,

I am Jephany Barut

I’m passionate about creating beautiful websites and brands that attract attention and capture the hearts of your audience. I am all about making the connection between who you are and attracting the people you want to work with.

Running a business as a solo entrepreneur means that everything is up to you. It’s your job to stay on top of your accounting, manage your social media presence, grow your email list, and so much more.

The last thing you need is the added stress of setting up your own website! Creating your perfect website can be daunting, and if you decide to DIY you can easily end up wasting your time and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

This is where I come in. I can help you create a beautiful website and engaging brand strategy that truly reflects the authentic you! So you can focus your time and energy on the things you love.

Launch your business online with style

Styled Brand and Website Strategy

For Female Entrepreneurs For Women in Business For Girl Bosses For Boss Babes For Lady Bosses For Mompreneurs

Styled Packages

Here's how we can showcase your uniqueness to the world of online business

The Styled Brand

The Styled Brand design package  shapes your brand identity by aligning your style and personality with what you offer. It includes a full brand strategy that helps you stand out and capture the hearts of your audience with the right creative message and appeal.

The Styled Page

The Styled Page is a beautiful one-page website that can be used to collect leads or advertise your services. It is designed to elegantly showcase your services and help you launch your online presence with ease. This is the perfect option if you’re just starting out.

The Styled Site

The styled site is a 6-page WordPress website design package that sets you up with a strategic, stylish, and creative website that truly reflects your brand. This is the best option for passionate businesswomen who want a gorgeously styled and unique, done-for-you site.

The Styled Shop

The Styled Shop is a WordPress E-commerce website design package for brave and passionate product-based business owners. It merges visual design that reflects your brand and speaks to your audience with all the right tech functionalities to create the ultimate shopping experience.

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How to Plan your Website Launch without the DIY Overwhelm

So what's your style?

Let's figure it out and show it to the world!


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